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We invest in post-product, post-revenue software companies with double-digit revenue growth.

Seed stage

We invest at the first institutional round (less than 7% of all U.S. venture capital deals).


We invest in founders building boldly in the Southeast, which is a global hub for fintech and healthcare, with 40% of the U.S. population + the fastest growing region in U.S.

Inclusive Innovation

Our founders are rocket fuel for the demographic evolution of the U.S. into a minority majority economy. 70% of our portfolio is led by underrepresented founders.

Arpio protects your AWS environments from catastrophic downtime due to region failures, ransomware, human errors, and other disasters. The company's SaaS platform is the emerging leader in disaster recovery for cloud-native computing such as Amazon Web Services and, soon, Microsoft Azure. It all began with the co-founders, Doug Neumann and Shaw Terwilliger, and their deep experience building sustainable organizations on AWS. While working at a large and fast-growing technology firm, an unintended typo made by an AWS employee caused their platform to go down. Doug Neumann had found his problem--for him, it's unthinkable that cloud-native applications can be so easily taken down, and there be no "one button" solution. The idea for Arpio was born and the pair began coding. It was 2019. Large, growing market for disaster recovery Arpio serves the disaster recovery market (data protection, business continuity, and high-availability market), which is about $100 billion ARR worldwide and estimated. $20 billion ARR in the US.   Within the DR market, Arpio’s solution focuses on the resiliency of customer workloads at the leading cloud provider, AWS. AWS has more than 1 million customers.  With pricing of $500/mo to $1,500/mo, that is a market of between $6 billion and $18 billion ARR in the customer base of just AWS.  Arpio plans to expand to do the same for the MS Azure market.  Ransomeware, malware, denial of service attacks, and industrial espionage all plague today's cloud infrastructures at a growing rate. Disaster recovery solutions aren't keeping pace with the creativity of hackers--until now. Cloud-native disaster recovery Arpio forges a new breed of disaster recovery solution.  The disaster recovery platform eliminates downtime for applications that run in the cloud by making it fast and easy to recover from major outages across a global footprint.  With Arpio, disaster resilience is no longer a Herculean challenge that competes with core innovation in your business.  Arpio can restore mission-critical business services in a matter of minutes when cloud providers have problems, ransomware cripples a business, or DevOps engineers make mistakes.  With early customers like Nursegrid, Nordcloud, and PatternHealth giving the product rave reviews for ease, simplicity, and peace of mind,  the co-founders decided to raise a seed round. Valor is the largest investor in Arpio’s first outside investor financing of $2 million.  Valor General Partner Robin Bienfait joins Arpio’s newly formed board.  In addition to Valor Ventures, participants in the round included Y Combinator, Uncorrelated Ventures, and angel investors, including some successful SaaS entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors. Valor General Partner Robin Bienfait says, “Arpio’s solution targets a huge and rapidly growing market. Arpio’s timing is about as perfect as it can be.  All computing is modernizing to become cloud-native, all new applications are built from the ground up to be cloud-native. Arpio benefits from both.” Doug says,  “We are excited to have Valor Ventures as an investor. Valor brings decades of experience investing at seed stage and helping entrepreneurs scale B2B software companies.  Shaw and I are thrilled to have Robin onboard.  She is an expert in cloud computing and disaster recovery from her experience running some of the most important Internet infrastructures, from AT&T’s IP network to BlackBerry’s secure messaging network to Samsung’s mobile phone business.” Arpio is hiring sales and technical leadership from their headquarters in the Research Triangle, North Carolina.    

Allelica brings precision medicine into mainstream clinical practice through a SaaS platform for the prediction of genetic diseases using proprietary polygenic risk scores.

Food trucks--a vibrant, growing billion dollar industry with no dedicated fintech layer. Until now. Goodfynd powers food truck founders to scale.

Growing retailers need pay-by-text solutions. Parrotmob, build by a former engineering lead at Mailchimp and Blackrock, is fueling their growth.

Valor led the Series Seed for Ecotext, a subscription SaaS platform that helps students get textbooks they need at a price they can afford.

Valor Ventures leads the seed round in Atlanta fintech leader Vital4 Technologies, which uses machine learning and AI for anti-money laundering, workforce and risk monitoring in the global work-from-anywhere economy.

Built by accountants, for accountants, SaaS leader LeaseQuery is the gold standard for a growing segment of financial services.

Valor is thrilled to back the freedom for the future of sales for small businesses with our investment in Drum and founders Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia.

Valor Ventures is proud to lead the first institutional investment in Physican360, co-founded by Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA and Rob Lapporte, MD.

Capway is reinventing the future of money for 60 million under-banked and unbanked Americans.

Connected community platform for urban innovators.

The sales CRM for mobile sales teams that optimizes effective face time.

Flat-rate professional event photography, fast.

The fastest, most reliable way for farmers to get federally mandated crop risk insurance.

Providing guaranteed income for short-term rental properties in over 70 countries.

Funding U helps quality college students finish what they started.

Creating massive digital marketshare for global consumer product companies.

Aerial cinematography for booming TV/film/entertainment industry.