Our founders are building the future of real-world innovation.


We invest in post-product, post-revenue software companies with double-digit revenue growth.

Seed stage

We lead at the first institutional round and welcome co-investors who add strategic value.


We invest in founders building boldly in the Southeast, which is a global hub for fintech and healthcare, with 40% of the U.S. population + the fastest growing region in U.S.

Inclusive Innovation

Our CEOs are building inclusive, high-performance companies that can create net new wealth generation opportunities for all Americans.

Arpio protects AWS environments from catastrophic downtime due to region failures, ransomware, human errors, and other disasters.

Allelica brings precision medicine into mainstream clinical practice through a SaaS platform for the prediction of genetic diseases using proprietary polygenic risk scores.

Food trucks--a vibrant, growing billion dollar industry with no dedicated fintech layer. Until now. Goodfynd powers food truck founders to scale.

Growing retailers need pay-by-text solutions. Parrotmob, build by a former engineering lead at Mailchimp and Blackrock, is fueling their growth.

Valor led the Series Seed for Ecotext, a subscription SaaS platform that helps students get textbooks they need at a price they can afford.

Valor Ventures leads the seed round in Atlanta fintech leader Vital4 Technologies, which uses machine learning and AI for anti-money laundering, workforce and risk monitoring in the global work-from-anywhere economy.

Built by accountants, for accountants, SaaS leader LeaseQuery is the gold standard for a growing segment of financial services.

Valor is thrilled to back the freedom for the future of sales for small businesses with our investment in Drum and founders Rob Frohwein and Kathryn Petralia.

Valor Ventures is proud to lead the first institutional investment in Physican360, co-founded by Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA and Rob Lapporte, MD.

Capway is reinventing the future of money for 60 million under-banked and unbanked Americans.

Connected community platform for urban innovators.

The sales CRM for mobile sales teams that optimizes effective face time.

Flat-rate professional event photography, fast.

The fastest, most reliable way for farmers to get federally mandated crop risk insurance.

Providing guaranteed income for short-term rental properties in over 70 countries.

Funding U helps quality college students finish what they started.

Creating massive digital marketshare for global consumer product companies.

Aerial cinematography for booming TV/film/entertainment industry.