Our founders are building the future of real-world innovation.


We invest in software companies experiencing double-digit revenue growth.

Seed stage

We invest at the first institutional round. They are less than 10% of overall U.S. venture capital deals.

Outside of the Valley

We invest in founders building boldly in the business heartland.


Over 50% of our portfolio is led by under-represented founders. Learn more about how we source undiscovered overachievers.

Valor Ventures is proud to lead the first institutional investment in Physican360, co-founded by Angela Fusaro, MD, MBA and Rob Lapporte, MD.

Capway is reinventing the future of money for 60 million under-banked and unbanked Americans.

Connected community platform for urban innovators.

The sales CRM for mobile sales teams that optimizes effective face time.

Flat-rate professional event photography, fast.

The fastest, most reliable way for farmers to get federally mandated crop risk insurance.

Providing guaranteed income for short-term rental properties in over 70 countries.

Funding U helps quality college students finish what they started.

Creating massive digital marketshare for global consumer product companies.

Aerial cinematography for booming TV/film/entertainment industry.