The Real Deal

2021 Valor Venture Capital Impact Report

Atlanta Venture Capital's Biggest Wealth Creation Opportunities

What's the hottest new wealth engine in Atlanta venture capital? This data paints a clear picture.

Ashley in her studio, ArtzyBella

Valor 2021 Art of Inclusion Artist: Ashley Daramola

Valuation Declines Becoming The Norm?

  by William Leonard With the front half of the year behind us, I believe we’re transitioning into an interesting period in the venture funding cycle. Over the last 12…

Calling All Georgia Artists

Georgia artists, entries are open for our $5,000 art commission. Help us envision a richer, better future through your gift.

Founders Network With Corporate Fintech Leaders

Valor recently introduced fintech startup CEOs in our portfolio to corporate leaders in companies including FIS Global, Dell Secureworks, and Truist through our ongoing Innovation Council series. Here from attendees…

Southeast Implied Valuations Continue to Climb   

The last 4 months have illustrated Southeast founders harnessing global funding trends within both the public and private markets as they seek to double down and obtain greater sums of…

Southeast Startups Seek 45% Higher Valuations In Q2  

by William Leonard For startups in the Southeast, the funding amount sought skewed up 45% in Q2 2021 as global venture funding saw funding records shattered. In tandem with valuations…

CFA Institute DEI code

Applauding the CFA Institute's New Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Code

Investors are operating in a young era when more culturally, racially, and gender diverse teams are the new majority and shaper of returns. These principles will reward our industry with…

Southeast Female Founders Raise 45% Of What Men Do, Seek To Make It Up At The Seed Round

by William Leonard, Investor For two consecutive months we’ve documented women raising larger sums of capital, an overall positive trend at the seed level in the Southeast. Findings illustrate that…