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Fintech Startup Trends: Look For $1B+ In Southeast Fintech Venture Capital This Year

Valor's fintech portfolio is on the cutting edge of innovation. Fintech startups in the Southeast are poised to see over a $1B of venture capital flow into their firms this…

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Startup Legend or Left Behind? How Q2 2021 Makes or Breaks Software

Startup founders, good news: it's 100% go-time for integrating with major accounts. If you've doing b2b sales into mid and large size companies, you can change the world right now.…

Startup Hiring For Momentum and Inclusion

This Martin Luther King Day, I’m more frustrated than usual at the performative cycle of images of the great man and his quotes. Don't get me wrong, no matter who…

The Impact of the Biden Harris Administration on Venture Capital

Find out why, despite proposed tax increases issues, the Biden-Harris administration looks to be a net positive for the angel investing and venture capital industry.

2021 Atlanta Venture Capital--Looking Ahead

It's the best time to be in Atlanta venture capital in my lifetime. Learn what we're investing in as we go into 2021 with conviction and courage.

2020 Venture Capital Impact Report

2021 Venture Capital Reading List

Valor's latest venture capital reading list has something for investors, founders and futurists.

Managing High Stress and High Performance with Neuroscience

Startups are high stress. This neuroscience approach to leading startups to high performance during high stress is more timely than ever.

Our Inclusion Premium Investing Philosophy

Valor was founded in 2015 with the purpose of top returns for investors  and the mission of making venture capital more inclusive. Our mission and purpose strengthen each other--the more…

VIDEO: Lessons Learned in 100 VC Financings in the Southeast

In this video seminar, hear Gary Peat, general partner, and Lisa Calhoun, general partner, share some of the lessons learned in VC financing. This is a video of one of…