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User Conferences for SaaS / AI Startups: Should You Host One?

Discover how SaaS and AI startups can benefit from hosting a user conference. Learn the steps to plan a successful event, from defining goals to engaging content and strategic locations.…

South US Showing Unique AI Startup Strength

Discover why AI startups in the South are a prime investment opportunity. Download our latest pipeline insight report to explore top talent, strategic market trends, and thriving enterprise customers.

2024 Venture Capital Outlook on Seed Stage in the South: Top Takeaways for Institutional Investors

Seed Stage Venture Capital in the South: Top 3 Takeaways for Institutional Investors Valor just released its 2024 Seed Stage VC Outlook focused on the South region. For institutional investors…

revenue transformation

How should founders look at implementation revenue?

Transforming Implementation Revenue into Software Revenue: A Strategic Overview for Software Founders For software companies, especially those aiming for the enterprise sector, the classification of revenue can significantly impact valuation…


AI and Venture Capital: Meet Vic, Valor's Infinite Analyst

In 2023, Valor reviewed 2,000 startups for potential seed lead rounds. With 50 weeks in the "working year," that's 40 a week, at a pace of 8 a day. At…

Can generative AI streamline VC investing?

We believe the answer is yes, and we’re excited to share some early examples of how our team is using ChatGPT as a knowledge interface. Let’s jump right in with…

3 Startups Defining Generative AI in the South

Discover GenAI innovators transforming health predictions, global marketing, and modern building management.

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Mid-Year Seed-Stage in the South Outlook

Get the latest numbers on seed-stage venture capital investing in the South region, the largest, and fastest growing region of the US.

2023 Valor Founder Survey Highlights Local Connections, Partners Network

Annually in June, Valor surveys our portfolio company founders on how we are doing as their first VC. We do this anonymously, using out investment management platform build on Salesforce,…