Our Approach

We believe the trillion-dollar-market cap companies of tomorrow are being built today by bold founders who look like all of America.

Our mission is simple: back the best companies inventing the future and become the founders’ most trusted relationship, by investing not just in the business plan but also in their inspiration to build a more equitable world. We measure our performance by exceptional returns and the impact we have creating new wealth inclusively.

Our Principles

Courage and capital

From founders to funders, Valor is an orchestra of courage and capital. We celebrate the potential of co-creating a better innovation ecosystem in service to now and future generations. Since our founding, Valor has selectively partnered with limited partners (LPs) who lead organizations committed to creating better opportunities for all. Most of our LPs do this through their missions as foundations, university endowments and philanthropically minded family offices. Valor LPs have the networks and influence to contribute to the success of our portfolio through introductions, connections, talent and insights. The companies we back have the networks and influence to forward the frontier of innovation for all.


“Valor is one of my go-to calls. I’ve got much larger investors, but Valor is one  I reach out to often, even at this stage of growth, for perspective on anything we’re up against.”

Our experience

Creating billions of dollars of value for the world’s top tech platforms

Since prior to combining forces at Valor, our team has invested over $100M at seed-stage in cloud software.

Our B2B SaaS expertise is creating billions of dollars of value for many of the world’s leading technology platforms—and we’re just getting started.

Creating equitable, sustainable wealth

Start-ups are the #1 driver of new wealth in the U.S

Historically, venture capital has been a “closed-loop” —  primarily white-male-led VCs investing primarily in white-male-led startups. With America’s demographic shift to minority-majority as a nation, this is evolving. Valor is leading the change.  Our Inclusion Premium investing approach optimizes opportunities for creating equitable new wealth while also minimizing many of the risks in scaling fast-growth startups.

Sofie Abdulrazaaq, GOODFYND

“Valor is the best kind of investor. I tell founders I hit the jackpot with my initial investors.”

Jennifer Silverberg

“From the very beginning, Valor has been there to have my back and cheer us on.”


“Valor saw our vision from the beginning, and they’ve been a relentless champion. Investors that believe in you this much are priceless.”

Catalyzing innovation

Relentlessly solving for the strongest founders

There are structural inequities that make it harder for minority and women entrepreneurs to meet quality investors in the early days. Valor founded the Startup Runway Foundation, a 501(c) 3, to provide investor introductions  for underrepresented founders. With partnerships from leading organizations including the State of Georgia Partnership for Inclusive Innovation, Georgia Power, Truist, Cox, and others, Valor’s Startup Runway is the largest pitch event for women and minority founders in the country. Finalists in the program have raised over $40 million after first pitches on our stage.