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A Gritty, Get-er-Done Software Beta and Trial Playbook

This guide is a general playbook on showcasing young enterprise software to potential first customers and getting meaningful feedback in a short amount of time, a process often called a beta.

When you have an enterprise software idea, you have a costly path to success. The feeding, care, and maintenance of enterprise code is expensive. To find out if it’s worth it, you have to showcase it to discriminating potential customers.

Discriminating customers will let you know how valuable your product is, what it is lacking, and what is does well

Many founders take this process on “one by one”–that’s a mistake.

When you talk to one enterprise customer, you become that one enterprise customer’s outsourced dev shop (if you’re lucky). It can take years to get out of the linear cycle of enterprise customer development. Fortunately, for young startups, there’s a better way.

Learn how to get several enterprise customers at one time.

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