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Annual Planning Template for 2019

Talent is overrated. The world is full of gifted failures. Preparation is underrated. Few that truly go the distance with commitment end up calling that effort a loss. The often unexplored gap between talent and persistence is where the secret to winning is hidden.

Read the story of any great champion, and you’ll see just how much of their life was devoted to celebrating their gift.

That is, very little. We each have so many gifts. The secret is selecting one. If you choose to be inspired by one, it’s only through persistence, applied discipline, and perspective that your talent will bear fruit. This came home for me recently reading Deena Kastor’s terrific book, Let Your Mind Run. I had the chance to meet her at a running camp last March and so was interested in reading her story. Reading her book about thinking her way to championship underscored that no matter how strong your talent, planning, preparing and dedication are the secret to winning. The win is in your mind remaking you.  There are no shortcuts. I recommend the book for anyone interested in going the distance in any hyper-competitive field.

Plan now for your 2019 record

If your sport is startup, like mine is, there’s no better discipline than annual planning.

Most founders never plan to fail. But they fail to plan, and the end result is the same. Plan the work. Work the plan. Plan now for the 2019 of your dreams. Let ValorVC know how we can help.