What We’re Hunting In 2017

A quick summary of what we're looking for in 2017 investments.

Thanks for reading this and welcome to Valor’s hunt for aggressively growing innovators. Our partnership of visionary investors is looking to put our capital and connections to work in the year ahead as we continue to build our portfolio. We have some strong convictions about the kinds of technology companies our partnership is a good match for. Please feel free to share this. (More on how to contact us at the bottom.)

By industry / sector

You’re a software company with customers. We’re in a time of early replatforming as we move into a post-app economy. The appsphere is increasingly consolidated and we’re hunting next gen platform software. Specific sectors our partnership is less of a fit for about include ecommerce, retail, travel, and food and beverage.

By geography

We love startups changing the world –that is, the world outside of Silicon Valley. We’re looking for scrappy teams that are living in and deeply informed by the real world of their customers. We’re only investing in U.S. based companies.

By stage

We’re early stage investors, but not so early that you don’t have an early product with early customers.

By solution

We’re particularly interested in software that has a  learning component or rethinks old paradigms. So for example, we’re actively looking for augmented reality that’s solving problems where information delivery is holding back the sector. We’re excited about practical machine learning in places where data overload is blocking progress. AI for the sake of AI –we’re not fans. If there is one word you can use for your software that will get us really excited, it’s “simpler.” As in, your solution makes it way simpler for your customers to get their job done. Tell us how you’ve made a huge leap forward in something so  niche most of the world doesn’t even know it matters.

Portfolio approach

If you see a company like yours in our portfolio, that is a signal we will not likely invest in you. We invest once in a space, with deep conviction, and focus intensely on adding fuel to that company’s fire.

Open door commitment

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are committed beyond all reason to changing their world and are doing it, with or without VCs.

To find you, we’re committed to:

  • running Startup Runway, our pitch series that connects minority-led companies to seed stage investors like us. Apply to pitch at Startup Runway.
  • holding open office hours in Atlanta;
  • leveraging a significant travel schedule to find you where you are, if you’re not in Atlanta;
  • judging and participating in startup conferences (check out our Events calendar);
  • sharing our journey and our point of view with our community, in part through our innovation column on Inc., our Valor VC Youtube channel, and here on this blog;
  • responding fastest to inquiries we get on our web site on our founder contact form. Our proprietary events like Startup Runway or this  site are the best ways to reach us. You don’t need an intro.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for building.

Maybe we can build something bigger together this year.