Is Valor a good fit for your first round?

Here's what we're looking for.:

  • Customer validation. We are looking for organic, hypergrowth startups outside of Silicon Valley and Tier One cities. If you can’t show us your customer growth, we’re not a fit for you yet.
  • Tech. For us to invest in you, technology is core to your company. We are looking for platform software (PaaS).
  • Geography. You are located in the United States. Our preference is East Coast, and we’re going to really be thrilled if you’re in Atlanta, our home town.
  • If you’re not quite there on showing customer growth, but getting close, a great way to get to know Valor in person is through Startup Runway, our pitch practice series. See if you qualify.

Please share your deck or executive summary. Give us about 48 hours to get back in touch.

    We benchmark our pipeline to make sure we're sourcing founders across the full spectrum of people building businesses today.
    Thanks for helping us keep track of our pipeline demographics.