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Meet Valor in action

01/19/2018 - Fundraising Friday Austin Edition

Customer base growing so fast you're looking for capital? This is the right meetup for you. Come talk early stage scale with Valor GP Lisa Calhoun. Read more

01/25/2018 - Innovation Activation Council VIP Tour + Security Discussion

Members and guests of the Valor Innovation Activation Council are invited for a VIP tour and vibrant discussion about the latest enterprise security vulnerabilities posed by modern chips. Read more

01/26/2018 - Fundraising Friday – Atlanta

Join one or two other founders for a casual Friday breakfast with Valor general partner Lisa Calhoun. Talk about raising capital and get access to more resources for early-stage software companies. Read more

02/02/2018 - 02/04/2018 - Geek-end Savannah Sunday Brunch

Book your VIP, student or startup ticket for Geek-end on the organization's website. Valor will be speaking on fundraising at different stages of your startup's life during the... Read more

02/18/2018 - Fundraising Friday – Austin

Join Austin founders and funders. Read more

05/02/2018 - Startup Runway Spring 2018

Valor founded Startup Runway, a nonprofit foundation for startups who have just launched a product. The mission of the Startup Runway Foundation is to connect seed stage startups... Read more