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The large body of research on investing with inclusion paints a clear financial case.

Valor’s Inclusion Premium Investing Philosophy helps our investors seek the ~30%+ premium returns historically delivered by diverse teams.

Our philosophy is, “Inclusion is a financial performance risk factor. Diverse management teams and boards are associated in numerous studies with 15-35% financial outperformance. Since inclusion is influenceable by investors, it is a critical fiduciary responsibility for private equity and venture capital fund managers. Valor processes accelerate and support inclusion at sourcing, at time of investment, and through investment management and disposition. Seed stage is the most dynamic and influential time to implement best practices around inclusion. This is where Valor invests.”

Inclusion is like love–it’s not a feeling, it’s an action. The same is true with inclusive investing.

There’s no better time than now to commit to action on inclusive investing. Research demonstrates it’s the most financially rewarding approach as well as a clear moral imperative.
In these times of increased and appropriate focus on racial equity, Valor has some resources to help allies in our swim lane — which is investing in first rounds in the Southeast.
  • Valor’s blog posts on inclusion
  • Valor’s YouTube videos from/of founders of color. Watch these leaders speak about their solutions in their own words.
  • We run the Atlanta Startup Podcast, which has a playlist, Founders of Color, to showcase leaders’ voices in Atlanta. We also recommend you check out the playlist on Atlanta Female Founders.
  • We are the hosts and founders of the largest pitch event for under-represented founders in the country, Startup Runway, a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is connecting startups led by underrepresented founders to their first investor. For angel investors, our most recent Startup Runway cohort has a range of angel opportunities available right now, many in founders of color and all in underrepresented founders. If you don’t want to invest, but you have mentorship to share, we also love to surround or founder with strong mentors.


Valor hosts events for the inclusive innovation ecosystem in the Southeast. We hope to see you at one of them soon.