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Innovation acceleration options:


Key Benefits


Executive Producer

A unique sponsorship for one company to get top billing with a strong leadership position in front of the fastest growing group of emerging entrepreneurs in the Southeast– plus get national attention through media and social exposure across the network. 1000s of local and regional impacts. Introduce winner and present check on stage, address event from podium, top billing and partnership status, unlimited tickets, interviewed by committed media for innovation profile, top billing on signage, banners and site, right of first refusal on renewal for Spring 2017 and for Startup Runway programs in other cities.

$25,000 per series

1 available.
3 year commitment. ($50K per year includes Fall and Spring Series). Cash goes directly to startups through prizes.


Significant leadership opportunity in front of the fastest growing group of emerging entrepreneurs in the Southeast region. Hosts private investor dinner. Logo and link back to your site, banners with logo,  speak at simulation event, link in all emails to startups and applicants, opportunity to make offer to startups directly through email, social.

3 available.

3 year commitment.


Connect with emerging entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds with this opportunity to host a dinner or breakfast on your company’s expertise at The Gathering Spot. -Hosts “Topical” dinner or breakfast inviting startups accepted into Startup Runway.

5 available, 4 remaining


For early stage investors or investors curating an early stage pipeline interested in overlooked pools of high performing entrepreneurs in the Southeast, this commitment allows you to help craft an event that specifically meets your needs in the seed stage.You’ll open up your ability to source diversity and be exposed to the fastest growing, highest performing groups of entrepreneurs in the Southeast. Personal contact with Leadership Team and curated introductions to startups that fit your investment profile.Mention in pre-event and post-event press release. Introduction to journalists on why you care about diversity in entrepreneurship. Logo on event page.  Logo on F6S. Opportunity to mentor at pitch practice. Contact info for all startups. Up to 3 tickets.


10 available; 2 remaining.


We limit the number of seed investors invited to foster  collaborative dealflow focused on the Southeast.

Startup Runway is your onramp for hyper-growth innovation from out-performing, under-appreciated founding teams. Interested in hosting Startup Runway in another city? Contact us through founding host Valor Ventures to bring the program to your city.

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