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Why Investors Should Download Our Latest Report on AI in the South

As investors we are always on the lookout for the next big opportunity–ideally non-consensus, and right. I want to draw your attention to a region that is quickly becoming a hotbed for AI innovation: the South. Our latest report dives deep into why AI startups in this region are poised to deliver exceptional returns and why you, as an investor, should take notice of this trend.

Five second overview in pictures: AI Startups in the South – Graphic Report Highlights

Fifteen minute nerd-out 10 page report:  AI Startups in the South (with 159 Startups Mentioned By Name)

1. AI Startup Talent Hub Like No Other

Georgia Tech, based in Atlanta, stands out as the single largest source of AI talent. This prestigious institution not only produces top-tier AI professionals but also fosters a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our report details how this talent pool is driving groundbreaking AI advancements in the South.

2. An Ideal Customer Base for AI Startups

The South is home to 36% of Fortune 500 headquarters, including industry giants like Coca-Cola, FedEx, and UPS. These companies have extensive datasets and a pressing need for AI solutions, making them perfect customers for emerging AI startups. Our report outlines how these enterprises are actively seeking AI innovations, creating a ripe market for investment.

  • If you are a partner of Valor’s already, you know from our last report we’re seeing a 93.5% median step up at the next round (as of q1 2024) thanks to the pull from big customers in the South on startups we’ve backed in applied AI.

3. Strategic Buying Behavior Puts AI Startups in Focus

Corporate leaders are more inclined to buy ready-made AI solutions rather than building their own. This trend accelerates the adoption of AI technologies, providing startups with a ready and willing customer base. Our report explores this buying behavior in detail, highlighting the immense opportunities for AI startups and their investors, especially in the industrially-inclined 36% of the Fortune 500 headquartered in the South.

Our comprehensive report offers in-depth analysis and insights into grassroots AI startup trends, providing you with a clear picture of why investing in AI in the South is a strategic move for startup investors.

See the most popular graphs from our Q1 report on AI Startups and the South.