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SaaS Subscription Revenue Chart

Saas Subscription revenue

Trends in SaaS Subscription Revenue

You’ll spot some small trends right away, so I won’t spoil your fun with that. But look at the data as a big piece–it’s too regular. Step, step, step. It’s telling us that in general, subscription software is growing by billions of subscription dollars per year. It’s not about the categories, which aren’t driving it. The categories are mostly distractions–you can spin endless stories around them and miss the big picture. (If there is one story, as a sidebar, that I like about the chart above, it’s my belief that application development and integration are evolving again, in a big way.)

SaaS subscription revenue jumps

Slice the data quite differently, by type of SaaS app, and you’ll find subscription revenue leaps in particular types of SaaS applications. It doesn’t look like steps anymore, it looks like disruption. Just think voice interfaces, marketing noise process reduction, sales process optimization, robo-writing, deep learning platforms, and really great AI-anything. Now those charts would look quite a bit climbier, and less like a stroll up the library steps.

Have you found a SaaS subscription revenue report or data run you’d like to share? Let me know.

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