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Where were most 3Q venture capital deals done?

Well, sure, you nailed it– the lion’s share got struck, (or stuck, as the case may be) in the top venture capital cities of New York, San Jose and San Francisco. That’s just a small fraction of the story.

For yet another consecutive quarter, more U.S. venture deals were done outside of the Valley than in it.

  • California’s deal share was 696 last quarter.
  • New York had 198.
  • Little Massachusetts, also known as Boston, rounded up 124.The rest of the country is where the real action was–875 deals outside of CA, MA, NY.

There’s a lot of disruption bubbling under the surface. Just as an example, one of the largest VC deals last quarter in Series A was out of Dallas. (Dallas?) $180 million for Stackpath.

Here’s how the Southeast stacks up for 3rd Quarter Venture Capital in number of deals relative to other states.

My home state, Georgia, came in at #12, behind North Carolina and Florida, just above Tennessee and Alabama.

[table id=2 /]

(For my political friends, if you redo these numbers on VC-per-capita, you get an interesting southeastern shuffle.)