Why partner with Valor?

Growth takes courage personally and professionally. It’s why we’re named Valor. We support  software founders in meeting growth challenges through growth spurts—and growing pains.  With customer introductions through our Innovation Council, talent recruitment support, technical product review, and the modern facilities at our headquarters at Atlanta Tech Park, we are a first check of choice for change-makers. Join us for one of our upcoming events events and learn why we say”courage is the currency of innovation.”

Headquartered in the fastest growing region of the U.S.

The Southeast has 38% of the US population and is the fastest growing region in the country. From our 45,000 square foot headquarters, Atlanta Tech Park,  Valor portfolio firms run user conferences, find office space, and meet prospective customers. Our facility is within an easy drive of most of the software acquisitions over $50 million in the entire Southeast region.

The Atlanta Advantage

Atlanta is —

  • Home to talent from Georgia Tech, Emory, Morehouse, Spellman, Agnes Scott, Georgia State and more.
  • Next door to the U.S. Army CyberCommand, headquartered at Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.
  • Drives over 70% of payment transactions while also ranking #1 place to live and work as a film-maker.
  • Enjoys the most densely diverse population in the country.
  • Ranked #1 by Forbes as the city with the most thriving African American population.
  • Connected to the busiest container port in the country, Port of Savannah; sports the most business airport in the world; and has the busiest sports team–MLS Champion Atlanta United.

Courage is

the currency

of innovation.

We’re here to help software founders ship their dreams. Through our Innovation Council, we introduce new revenue. With our recruiting platform, we help founders find inclusive talent.

Valor’s Inclusion Premium Model

Valor’s Inclusion Premium philosophy helps our investors unlock the 30%+ premium returns historically delivered by diverse teams. Our philosophy is, Inclusion is a financial performance risk factor. Diverse management teams and boards are associated in numerous studies with 15-35% financial outperformance. Since inclusion is influenceable by investors, it is a critical fiduciary responsibility for private equity and venture capital fund managers. Valor processes accelerate and support inclusion at sourcing, at time of investment, and through investment management and disposition. Seed stage is the most dynamic and influential time to implement best practices around inclusion. This is where Valor invests.

See some of our leadership inclusion at work. Join us for the largest startup event for under-represented founders in the country, our own nonprofit program, Startup Runway.