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Which region produces the best value for your next venture capital dollar?

The last four years of exits clarify a surprising trend. In this numbers-driven report with multiple charts and graphs, we look at the South’s performance against other regions on 3 main indices:

  1. Return on capital

  2. Opportunity/deal production at seed
  3. Seed capital availability

Venture capital and the South

The South region of the US is home to 40% of the U.S. population. It’s the only region growing double digits–3X faster than the midwest and 2X faster than the Northeast.

The latest figures and charts on:

  1. To which extent the South is producing returns on capital invested on par, or better, than the West.
  2. Where the South ranks near the top in terms of seed deal production.
  3. How the South ranks in terms of venture capital availability relative to other regions.

Investors and consultants, request your copy of this numbers-driven report: