Courage is the currency of innovation.

Valor.VC is a first-check-writing venture capital firm whose purpose is creating top returns and whose mission is making inclusion the new normal. There has never been a more important time, from a returns and an innovation standpoint, to invest with our signature Inclusion Premium philosophy. Today, less than 5% of venture capital goes to under-represented founders and less than 7% is aimed at first rounds for founders. Join us on the journey.

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Financial inclusion is the future of top returns.

Under-represented founders historically deliver 30% premiums to investors, according to research. Our portfolio is 70% led by women and people of color.

Sourcing underrepresented overachievers.

Creating value for founders

Our growth platform helps our portfolio companies connect to new customers, recruit talent from board directors to BDRs, and host key events like user conferences.

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We hold events for founders building the next world-changing business and the investors who support them.

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