Our Atlanta Based Venture Capital Internship - Apply here!

Valor Ventures is looking for rising finance and entrepreneurship talent. Our paid, part-time venture capital intern program helps support our growing firm with 15-20 hour a week of your focused effort. It’s ideal for self-starters who are curious about venture capital as a profession and have majors in finance, the business of healthcare, data science, computer science, business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

As an intern at Valor, you’ll be

  • Engaged in research–including researching investors, competitive companies, startups and tech trends
  • Build your network through Valor’s events for the innovation community, including programs like Startup Runway, our Signature Series for family offices and Foundations, the Innovation Council, and the Atlanta Startup Podcast.

The ideal venture capital internship background?

Passionate about building growing, thriving software businesses. Self-starting. Intellectually curious. Technically fearless.

70% of our portfolio is led by underrepresented founders so an inclusion mindset is a must.  Our intern program is designed to share the reality of the tactical, practical venture capital business.

What you’ll learn in our venture capital internship program:

1)  Understanding of the role of a VC (reading list and practicum)

2) “Term sheet tear down” — a process where half our cohort pitches and half writes competitive term sheets, so you learn the ins and outs of basic term sheets from a “behavior” level rather than just a legal mindset

3) Screening founders to our thesis and founder screening calls — you’ll do  pitch assessments in your internship

4) Depending on your skill set, sometimes opportunities for project work at portfolio startups or assisting one of our investors in chasing down information about a deal in real time

5) Assisting in sourcing and providing feedback to founders 


In your role, your adherence to Valor’s Code of Conduct, confidentiality, and Harassment/Discrimination policy is critical.  You are expected to promptly attend:

-Weekly checkins 

-Valor events for the inclusive ecosystem (as your class schedule permits)

-and to conduct yourself in a professional, high-integrity manner. Any time there is access to capital, there is politics. We expect you to be fair, kind, and focused, even as an intern. This means open to everyone who seeks you out as a representative of Valor within the scope of your work with us.  


Your internship is expected to last (at least) one semester. The work is done in expectation of receiving value in education and network. We pay $15/hour.


The work expected to be performed on a mutually flexible schedule in keeping with the intern’s status and priority as a full-time student. When it comes to out-of-pocket expenses incurred while fulfilling the role, the intern is expected to anticipate these and get approval in advance. Reimbursement will be made for all approved out of pocket expenses.

Credit for work

If the intern contributed editorially or through research, you can expect to be cited as an author in the publication or blog.

Apply to our venture capital internship program:

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