We lead seed rounds in B2B software startups anchored in the South.

Founders! Here’s how you qualify us:

  1. We lead seed rounds. Our typical round size varies, just like many startups do at first rounds. Our seed rounds range from $500K to $3M, with most in the $1-2M category. We can co-lead, but if you’re filling in a round–we’re not the right fit. We do not follow.
  2. We lead seed rounds in B2B startups, not B2C.  We are B2B software growth experts, so if you are building a device or hardware, we are not going to be the right lead. 75% of our last 30 deals have been in AI, digital health, fintech, or media/ad tech–sometimes a combination. We also like software products no one has thought of before that don’t easily fit a “typical.”
  3. 100% of the deals we lead already have a product. It may be an MVP, or not at scale, but you’ve built it and we can take it for a test drive with a few of your customers.
  4. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia. We prioritize leading seed rounds in companies anchored in the South. If you are the CEO or founder and you are not in the US Census South, we are not your best fit.

Let’s find out if we are right for you! By filling in the information below, our investment team gets a priority notification to get back to you ASAP. It starts a clock ticking on our side to make sure we get back to you fast. Thank you for sharing what you’re building.

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