2017: Venture Capital Outside of Silicon Valley (Chicago)

What kind of returns are coming from outside of the Valley?

Come join us for an insider conversation on experiences in today’s corporate acquisition environment, including perspectives from Valor co-founder Sarah O’Brien, whose corporate experience includes a dozen years in global merger and acquisitions group with GE and who exited Carestream Health as CFO, and Valor general partner Lisa Calhoun, whose experience has informed over $1 billion in startup exit value.

The national data on 2016 in venture capital shows that the investor’s playbook is changing fast on the venture capital frontier.

Last year, for the first time in at least a decade, the median corporate acquisition ($90 million) was a lot higher than the median venture-backed IPO ($70.5 million). 82% of all exits last year were driven by corporate acquisition.

Venture frontier insights

Get insights into the Chicago investor’s landscape  by joining Valor Ventures for a luncheon discussion with Q&A.

  • We’ll share content and context, take questions about the seed fund approach, and share openly about valuations and pipeline opportunities you find in hot venture frontier areas like Chicago and Atlanta.